From the writings of Bower Kaine, recovered from the Mareillon Library shortly after the second Endless Fire. Other copies are known to exist, but so far we have been unable to gather them.

The “Worrying Well” is so called because it caused people to worry, not because it was a well that performed the action of worrying. While this name for it has never been used in any historical or folkloric documents pertaining to the story of the Coffers of Kundarak, this is the name that historians, bards and lore masters have all taken to calling it.

The Worrying Well was found on an unremarkable island that was used as a casual safe port for privateers, pirates, bounty hunters, and merchants who knew how to find it. The well itself was created in the standard fashion for a missionary encampment created on the island by followers of St. Cuthbert. Several groups of missionaries went to the island over the decades, and each team eventually chose to leave after a few months due to the frankly disturbing nature of the eerie noises that came from the well. Nightmares were reported, though reports of the nightmares were vague. Others indicated that careful analysis of the noises through listening might have caused people to lose a portion of their ability to reason for a brief amount of time.

The page ends here where it has been ripped and partially scorched. There may also be evidence of blood on the page. Our historians are attempting to locate another copy of the text that wasn’t lost in a fire.


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