13th Floor

The 13th Floor is the designation (and description) of the deepest level of the Kundarak Bank in the Mror Holds. The primary entrance to the 13th Floor is through an elevator that requires a proper key in addition to a sequence of numbers (entered on the buttons for the other floors). The 13th Floor is deep, deep below the earth, and has ceilings so high that the shadowy light of the torches does not allow them to be seen. The vaults in this floor are thought to be among the most secure in the world. There is at least one other entrance to this floor as the Security Chief dropped in through some sort of service tunnel or ventilation shaft in an attempt to prevent the adventurers from reaching their goal.

Midway through the 13th Floor the hallway is stopped by a massive chasm, a rift in the carved rock that is foolishly rumored to be bottomless. The opposite side cannot be seen in the chasm. However, there is a pedestal on the side with the elevator that allows one who has the proper key to “unlock” a magical bridge that only exists while the key is in the pedestal’s keyhole. The bridge has dozens of statues of basilisks (the creature that appears on the Kundarak crest). The opposite end of this bridge has a much shorter extension of the hallway with only three vaults, thought by some to be the three most precious items currently in Kundarak’s care.

When the adventurers went to the 13th Floor, there were three primary guardians. The first was an imp (who was also a client.) The imp opened his own private vault when the battle wasn’t going his way and used a diabolical artifact known simply as a Zombie Cauldron, providing an (effectively) limitless amount of zombies to come to his aid (though only a few would show up at a time.)

The bridge that spanned the chasm had a Janni (a type of genie) hiding within one of the basilisk statues, right at the point where the far side of the chasm was beginning to become visible.

The final guardian of the 13th Floor was an Ironwyrm Golem, a golem made out of adamantium that had been built to resemble a large dragon, capable of breathing jets of intense flame. The Ironwyrm was assisted (though mainly through moral support) by the sudden appearance of the Security Chief.

13th Floor

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