First Coffer


The First Coffer is one of the seven Coffers of Kundarak. It is the largest of the chests, probably big enough to let two horses stand up in it side-by-side comfortably when closed. The chest was found in the secret 13th Floor down the elevator shaft in the House Kundarak Bank, guarded by a number of deadly monsters and warriors, most notably an Ironwyrm Golem. The Coffer was incredibly difficult for D’artagnan to pick the lock on (a problem made difficult by the fact that they had locked themselves in the vault with it, a vault which was rapidly heating up due to the Ironwyrm Golem breathing fire at it from the other side), but with a little help from Cher Chang Gu he was inspired to finally work just well enough to open it.

The concave roof of the coffer’s lid seemed to have been tampered with. A rolled up parchment fell out and into the waiting hands of the party, a parchment that gave the name Ixichitoporox, a poem about a city, and a drawing that may have been of the city. The Coffer also contained a portal that sent anyone who climbed into it elsewhere…


First Coffer

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