Tyr Psicry

A psychic warrior who got whisked along for the ride in Thuzdek's City of the Giants.


Frequent ally of the thieves working to steal the Coffers of Kundarak and a likely contender for sharing the bounty of whatever is revealed to be within the final coffer, Tyr Psicry is a psychic warrior who joined the action in Rekkenmark, the City of Giants controlled by Thuzdek the Undying. While originally on the side of the city’s ruler (both the elderly and childlike forms) he has since joined the treasure hunt thanks to an alchemical energy transference found in one of Thuzdek’s laboratories.

Mort Krockerhall was born in a coastal town north of Rekkenmark to Charles and Mary Krockerhall. Mort wanted to see the world and set out on the road to seek adventure but as fate would have it the world didn’t want to see Mort succeed. He became a guard in his hometown after taking a poison arrow to the knee on his first adventure into the marshes. The poison cause him lifelong problems as the damage to his organs caused him to catch a fatal illness. As the damage of the illness spread Mort fought the pain and continued to act as the instrument of Honor and Justice for many years. Mort “died” a man of valor and a hero to all in his home town. Funeral arrangements were made and a pyre was built outside the walls in remembrance of all that Mort had done…. But Mort wasn’t dead. Days before Mort was approached by a hooded traveler who told him about a cure to his illness. He called himself an Elan and said he could enjoy a life of adventure if only in the name of the Elan race. Mort stayed up all night with the stranger asking questions about the process and what it would require. By the end of the week a proxy body was found and Mort died to himself to be reborn full Elan. Taking the name Tyr PsiCry (in remembrance of the pain his death caused) he learned to channel the new found power given to him. The Elan called it The Gift and it changed the way Tyr saw everything. Perfection of mind and flesh with honor and cunning would be his way. He would gain great fame and protect the weak from evil.

Tyr Psicry

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