The Coffers of Kundarak

Welcome to Miel

When D’artagnan and S. Danger, human ranger, stepped into the second Coffer in Ixichitoporox, they appeared in a thinly populated forest. S. Danger (the human ranger)’s keen sense of geography and knowledge of local flora let him know that they were probably back on the continent where they started, only a few hundred miles from Rubyvale. Some quick looking around led them to find a small city, Miel.

From the opposite direction came two new travelers. One, a human conjurer and tobacconist, was named Charles Cavandish. The other, a half-elf bard (who as luck would have it was the half-sister of Cher Chang Gu was named Krishna.

Approaching from different directions, the two groups noticed that all of the buildings in Miel had horseshoes nailed above their doors, and a careful glance told them that the horse shoes were made of Cold Iron. When Charles Cavandish and S. Danger, human ranger, easily moved into a tavern, but Krishna and D’Artagnan found an invisible force blocking their path accompanied by the mysterious red-glowing and hot sizzling of the horse shoe over the tavern door, the theory was devised that the horse shoes were meant to keep fey creatures away. Thanks to the fact that elves are only distantly related to the fey (and half-elves even less so), the two eventually managed to push past the force and enter the tavern.

Their, they encountered a bartender and a city official who was enjoying a drink while going over some light paperwork. The bartender explained that the horse shoes were because of The Harvest Lord, a powerful fey creature who, while welcome, seemed to attract other less savory sorts that the horse shoes kept out. They also learned that there was a standing bounty on eliminating a flying leonine figure to the south of town. Finally, they heard that there was a small Keep to the northeast of town that the locals were worried would become a home for monsters, sitting unoccupied as it was. Anyone who went, cleared it out, and was willing to maintain it would legally become the owner of the Keep and the mine that it sat upon.

With three mysteries to consider, the party began to consider what they would do in this new town.



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