The Coffers of Kundarak

Secret of the Sleeper

With Brightstone Keep theirs to use, and a massive favor done for both the village of Miel and The Harvest Lord, the adventurers set off to meet with the Harvest Lord yet again. Using D’artagnan’s map they were able to determine which of the local corn fields would provide access to the Harvest Lord’s Domain, and at what time it would do so. Once within the field of corn, they again met the Scarecrow who pointed their way (through a different direction) to the clearing where the Harvest Lord would entertain them.

When they reached the banquet table’s clearing, which had once held feasting elves and humans and gnomes, they now saw the Harvest Lord pleasantly sitting beneath a tree, humming to himself. He heard the news of the Kurjan Sawtooth’s passing with great glee and, as promised, gave the party members the means to teleport to, and use, the two Coffers of Kundarak that came before his. However, despite much begging, pleading and bartering on the part of the party, he adamantly refused to simply let the heroes anywhere near the Coffer that House Kundarak had entrusted to him. The corn began growing, then, quickly pushing the PCs out of that clearing until they took the hint and left on their own. When the heroes reached the Scarecrow who pointed the way out, Charles Cavandish decided to go in the opposite direction. While the rest of the party managed to leave with no trouble, the conjurer soon found himself lost in the corn field, occasionally stumbling across clearings. After nearly an hour, he found one populated by gnomes and an elf, all enjoying a picnic. He asked them for the way out, and they pointed in a random direction through the corn and told him to keep walking that way.

Charles Cavandish walked in that direction. And walked. And walked. And Walked…

And eventually, the corn cleared and, rather than being lost forever as he had started to think he would be, he was outside of the corn field (though a different one than he had entered the Harvest Lord’s domain through.)

Convinced that there was nothing they could yet do to convince the Harvest Lord to change his mind, the heroes returned to Brightstone Keep to gather their thoughts and explore their new fortress.

Beneath the keep was, of course, the gemstone mine that had largely been picked clean and was only suitable for mining small loads of metallic ore. A little luck on the part of the explorers revealed a strange cleft in a wall that featured a crystalline wall on one side, and a mirror on the other. The mirror revealed Dwarvish letters written in fire on the crystaline wall that were not there in reality. When read, nothing seemed to happen. However, at seeing the vanishing and reappearing of their fellow adventurers as they explored the wall, they began to realize what was happening: the word was transporting the explorers to deeper levels of the mine, where more gems yet could be mined!

Thoughts of business buzzing in their heads and dollar signs flashing in their eyes, they explored this new level until they found what appeared to be worked stone, covered with etchings and ruing depictions of dwarvish history. The walls were constructed as if they were the side of a castle, one that had been buried beneath the ground. In time they discovered a hidden door, which opened easily.

Beyond the door was a passage with torches lining either side. The torches lit up as the heroes neared them, and darkened as the heroes left them behind, providing a source of light all the way down the tunnel. After some twists and turns, they came to a small room, with torches in each of the four corners, and two candles sitting behind a stone altar, and upon the altar rested a dwarf.

Krishna identified this dwarf as a “Midgard Dwarf”, a type of protodwarf that was known for building things of which even the gods were jealous. Further exploration revealed runic writings that said “Wake the Sleeper” in the dwarvish language. Very quickly, the heroes lit the two candles behind the altar, and the Midgard Dwarf, who identified himself as The Sleeper, awoke.

The sleeper revealed that he had been sleeping for centuries, waiting to be awakened by the very people who stood before him. While cryptic on his reasoning for how he knew he had been awoken by the right people (much of which seemed both prophetic and circular), The Sleeper informed the party that they needed to return to The Harvest Lord and inform him that the true owner of the contents of the final Coffer of Kundarak had decreed that these adventurers should be permitted to open the coffer, even if House Kundarak had to officially oppose them.

Armed with this knowledge, the heroes left the Sleeper (even as he was beginning to fall asleep yet again), and returned to the upper levels of The Keep. They left Jaalask behind to watch the Keep for them, and armed with their new information they departed to confront The Harvest Lord.

And, all the while, The Sleeper would continue to Sleep.



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