The Coffers of Kundarak

Maze of the Harvest Lord

Armed with the information provided by The Sleeper, the heroes left Brightstone Keep and went in search of The Harvest Lord. Using the map that D’artagnan had gained from Ujaset the Ghost Sphynx, the party was able to determine which of the various corn fields near the town of Miel would provide an entrance to The Harvest Lord’s domain, and when.

Knowledgeable conjurer and tobacconist Charles Cavandish cautioned everyone that The Harvest Lord was likely some manner of Fey Lord, albeit a low ranking one, and that he could have nearly god-like control of his private domain within the corn fields (especially considering the fact that his maze wasn’t located in the corn so much as it was using the corn fields as temporary entrances to a demiplane shaped to suit his interests.) With this knowledge, and a hefty bit of gold, some of the party members made sure to invest in Cold Iron weapons in Miel, fashioned from the horseshoes that were put over the doors in the town to ward off any fey creatures that came due to the Harvest Lord’s influence.

Entering the Harvest Lord’s domain, they quickly came to the fork in the path that was manned by the Scarecrow, though this time the Scarecrow didn’t move or speak at all. The party chose a path and walked through the tall stalks of corn, finding new rooms and hallways. At one point, the dining room where Cavandish had previously gotten help to leave was found again (and the picnic goers were concerned that he hadn’t found his way out yet.) They learned from these people that the Harvest Lord’s true domain was in the center of the maze, behind a locked door. The Harvest Lord had recently locked himself in, putting the key to the gate on a chain around the neck of a Fairy Dragon that his chief Huntsman was tasked with tracking down. He had either prophesied or assumed that he would be ready to finish resting by the time the huntsman found the key, and as such anyone wanting an audience with him would need to find the Fairy Dragon.

Soon, the Fairy Dragon was found, but it was near a company of angry Centaurs who knew that the Harvest Lord had decreed that all humans in his realm were open sport. A brief battle ensued with one Centaur running in fight, another died, and a third (charmed by Krishna’s bardic music) apologized for his behavior and asked to give his deceased friend funeral rights. S. Danger (the Human Ranger) almost killed the Centaur for taking away the treasures left by the fallen Centaur, but his recent change in heart to be a mostly good person thanks to the Deck of Many Things stayed his hand. Plus, he was distracted by the attempted fleeing of the Fairy Dragon.

The Fairy Dragon was armed with a number of abilities, such as the ability to turn invisible and to breathe a befuddling mist at potential attackers. However, after a number of attempts, the party was able to catch it (while it perched invisibly in a tree, no less) and steal the key from around its neck before it vanished. Shortly thereafter, they heard the sound of a trumpet and The Huntsman arrived.

The Huntsman was baffled that someone had beaten him to the key, and was further baffled that it was a group that contained humans. He attempted to charge the heroes on his horse, but was evaded. The party nearly became lost within the corn in their attempt to escape, but S. Danger, growing tired of the ever-shifting paths and maze-like corridors of the corn field, used his magical connection to the land to understand what the layout of the environment was. Not affected by the presence of the corn, he understood exactly where the center of the maze was, and moved the party toward it. The Hunter began to close in on them at that location, but Krishna used another Charm spell to send him happily on his way.

Soon, while striding boldly through the corn, a pair of assassin vines attacked, one in particular snagging S. Danger very badly. He escaped easily, but the combination of previous battles with no real time to heal had left him very wounded. Charles Cavandish used his Tobaccony skills to harvest the assassin vine and offered it to the wounded S. Danger who asked if it had any healing properties. “Why not?” said Charles Cavandish.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the Assassin Vine was cursed.

The curse was mild, though dangerous. Not only did it not have any healing property for S. Danger, but it also made him fully believe that he was completely healed. Not only was he healed, he was in better health than he’d ever been in his life, as far as he thought. Possessing a surge of vitality that few could ever match, he continued striding forward, dangerously wounded and on death’s door, a truly inspiring sight for any lesser adventurer who didn’t actually know what was happening.

In the marshy center of the maze of corn (which was beginning to look more and more like a jungle) they found a wall of elvish workmanship, complete with a golden gate. They unlocked it, and entered a pleasant courtyard, and the simple house within. The house’s door was unlocked, and they were able to enter unopposed. The Harvest Lord himself greeted them to the massive hall (that was much bigger on the inside than outside) before asking them, politely, to leave since he had no inclination whatsoever to let them anywhere near the third Coffer of Kundarak. The heroes revealed what The Sleeper had said, that the owner of the chest wanted these heroes to open the last one, and that put The Harvest Lord in an odd circumstance, though he didn’t elaborate on what that circumstance was beyond saying that he now had a duty both to Kundarak and the owner of what was in the last chest. So saying, he was willing to let the party have access to the chest, but only if they fared well in a combat against him.

The Harvest Lord drew his rapier and leaped into combat without warning, proving to be an incredibly skilled duelist. He considered the “five on one” fight to be “roughly fair”, though as the party noted later, he may well have been holding back. The heroes did not pull their punches, however, and easily dealt more damage within twelve seconds than they had previously dealt in any single previous fight against the one opponent, though he seemed barely concerned.

Eventually, and possibly arbitrarily, the Harvest Lord declared that they had proven themselves to be worthy combatants, and that it was not, in the grand scheme of things, entirely impossible that they could eventually do some serious damage to his person, given enough time and resources. As such he “surrendered” and invited the heroes into his treasure room. There, after D’artagnan took a quick moment to call all of the other party members outside so that they, too, could benefit from their good fortune, the Harvest Lord opened the third Coffer of Kundarak and allowed the party to use it to teleport away.



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