The Coffers of Kundarak

Island of the Lizard Men

In which two years get summarized really quickly

After leaving Thuzdek the Undying’s lands, the heroes saw what looked like an underground cavern filled with phosphorescent fungus beginning to materialize around them before a sudden painful jerk accompanied the shifting of the image. The peaceful looking underground cave was replaced with a less comfortable cave populated by a hostile looking halfling standing next to a sacrificial altar. The heroes realized that they were behind a warding line, and stuck between two mirrors. The halfling introduced herself as Mambwe Mieli, priestess of Fate and Balance. She was one of many people apparently tracking the progress of the heroes as they continued to try to locate and open each of the different Coffers of Kundarak, each trying to intercede. Apparently, the coffers were gaining the attention of some high-profile figures who were moving and shaking things enough to direct the interest of the world’s magical community. Mambwe was just the lucky one who managed to divert the powerful teleportation magic of the artifacts. It was her intention to murder the players and steal their destinies by acquiring the magical auras that had been imprinted on them by each of the previous coffers.

With some quick thinking and manipulation of the mirrors, the heroes escaped from behind the warding runes and engaged Mambwe in combat. Mambwe quickly called her pet, a dream serpent, in to join the fight, along with a crawling collection of hands and claws that swarmed over the heroes. However, she was beaten quickly, though she escaped through a waterway that cut through the cave. Never one to give in easily, S. Danger (the Human Ranger) dove in after her. Not seeing any way to get back on track while within the cave, the heroes scrambled out and discovered themselves upon a tropical island.

S. Danger managed to track down Mambwe as she clambered up a mountain, easily finishing her off, but not before she placed a curse upon him. On his way back to the cave, he was set upon by a tribe of lizardfolk islanders. The mob of lizard people defeated the ranger, thanks in large part to Mambwe’s curse, which periodically froze him in place, depriving him of his ability to fight.

The rest of the group more cautiously left the cave, and met Pohaku Ahi, a priest of the lizard people who lived on the island dedicated to the volcano at the island’s center. He said that he knew of the quest that the adventurers were on, and while he did not know if they were the ones destined to finally finish it, he wished them well, provisionally: his provision was that they would aid him in undoing the harm caused by the halfling priestess, who had attempted to sway the faithfuls of the island away from the volcano deity and toward a powerful figure of sinister fate and balance called The Frozen One.

Pohaku brought the adventurers to the volcano, and into a number of hallways and rooms carved within. He said that the players would need to dedicate themselves to a combat wherein the might of the volcano would be proven, with the adventurers fighting for the glory of the traditional beliefs of the island. At his inner sanctum, the players were reunited with S. Danger, who had apparently only been beaten nearly to death instead of all the way there, and brought to the island to be a sacrifice. Pohaku decreed that S. Danger could join the rest of the party in lieu of the expected instant death.

When the time for the combat came, the party of adventurers left the rooms inside the walls of the volcano, into a scorching hot walkway suspended over the caldera. From the other side, their competitor emerged, revealing himself to be Pohaku, pledging himself to be a worthy sacrifice. He told the audience that even someone as mighty as he would fall to the power of those adventurers, and that his sacrifice in the volcano would right many wrongs. The lizardfolk in the seating above appreciated the promise of a mighty duel, one which was provided as Pohaku, while willing to be a sacrifice, would not profane the ritual combat by not giving it his best shot. In the end, however, despite his powerful command of fire and stone magic, he collapsed.

With his final breath, he said that the lack of his presence would weaken the nature of the area enough for something called The Frozen One to be revealed. Sure enough, as he died, an elemental creature appearing to be a human-sized block of living ice materialized, apparently unharmed by the sweltering heat of the area. The ice creature, which appeared to have a tiny doll inside it for some reason. With incredible fighting skill, the heroes were able to defeat the fiendish elemental monstrosity, and sent it toppling to the magma far below.

Later, the heroes were greeted as such by the lizardfolk islanders, who wanted to introduce them to one of the traders who occasionally passed through their area. They were taken to the beach and were stunned to see the ship of Meera Quickblade…



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