The Coffers of Kundarak

Fall of the House of Cards

We see the town of Rubyvale and are introduced to The Dude and Blök, a Paladin and a Cleric to Obad-Hai, who are a bit out of place in a city where most of the population worships Wee Jas, a goddess of death. Still, a city official is glad for their presence as a large number of people have recently gone missing in the city’s sewer systems. He offers 500 gold to each of them for finding whatever is causing this problem. A lantern is obtained, the sewers are searched (and an underground casino named Malloroy’s House of Cards is noted.) Eventually, the heroes almost walk straight into the source of the problem without noticing it: a gelatinous cube is oozing its way through some of these tunnels, apparently attacking anything that it can find. The cube is incapable of easily harming the adventurers, and while it did succeed in engulfing the two of them, the heroes (with the aid of a quickly summoned fire beetle) managed to reduce the cube to a rapidly dissolving puddle of non-threatening goo. They claimed their reward from the city official, delivered what remains of victims they found within the ooze, made a quick trip to a bank to finalize their reward and went back to the casino to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Cher Chang Gu, D’artagnan and S. Danger, human ranger, were approaching Rubyvale from Quarterstaff on the horses that the local House Orien representative conjured for them. The horses made it almost all the way to the city, and they finished the rest of the journey on foot without incident.

After making a few purchases in magic shops, the trio went searching for the deck of cards that Gemdust had asked them to claim from a thief named Malloroy. After asking some questions to determine that it was located underground, S. Danger was able to track the flow of traffic far enough to find Malloroy’s House of Cards. Half of a Dvati bouncer watched them enter (Dvati being a single mind and soul that occupies two bodies). A few modest games of chance were available for playing, a Troll was acting as a bartender, the colorful Nac Mac Feegle were busying themselves with a drink, and it seemed like Malloroy was sequestered away in the V.I.P. room, normally reserved for High Rollers. While the other half of the Dvati guard behind the door of the V.I.P. room was originally insistent that only high rollers could enter, Cher Chang Gu offered to provide music for the V.I.P. room. After a quick conversation, the now-united five adventurers were allowed to go into the back.

The V.I.P. room itself was apparently modeled after a legendary site known as the Court of Thieves, complete with its own throne of lucky charms. Only a gargoyle and a gonnagle for the trible of Nac Mac Feegle were currently playing, the game of the night being Three Dragon Ante. Malloroy seemed willing to lend a modest amount of aid if the adventurers would either play the house’s Three Dragon Ante game or go into the sewers to find the Grell that had been pestering his patrons, but The Dude chose to detect evil at that time. When he saw that Malloroy was, in fact, an evil person, he ran him through with his long sword.

The Dvati quickly came to the aid of its dying employer by attacking The Dude with arrows and swords, while the Nac Mac Feegle from the main room, sensing a bar fight, swarmed into the V.I.P. chamber to complicate matters (though The Dude did manage to distract them by dropping his 500 coin reward on the ground.) D’artagnan and S. Danger (who chose to attack the Gonnagle), through a combination of intimidation, bluffing and diplomacy convinced a now thoroughly angry, confused and terrified Malloroy to hand over the cards in exchange for his life, and Malloroy moved to his desk to get the cards. Malloroy handed them to Cher, and The Dude, not one to make deals with evil folk, ran over to him and severely wounded the casino’s owner before being similarly knocked out by the Dvati.

Some quick looting occurred, removing all of Malloroy’s possessions and taking the safe from his desk (and The Dude was healed by Blök to ensure that he wouldn’t die and could walk of his own volition) before the five adventurers were chased out of the casino by the Dvati. With Gemdust’s deck of cards in their possession, the adventurers are free to turn their attention to the bank that brought them to Rubyvale in the first place…



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