The Coffers of Kundarak

City of the Devil Rays

After a brief night’s sleep in the somewhat safer company of pirates, Meara Quickblade’s crew launched at dawn, setting sail for the buoy that was reportedly the destination of the House Kundarak representative’s daily swimming excursions. At the buoy, D’artagnan drank the Deep Breath potion that Gemdust suggested he acquire and dove beneath the surface of the waves. The buoy was held in place by a long, thick chain that stretched to the ocean bed (fortunately, they were still near enough to the island that D’artagnan avoided most major pressure-related dangers from the crushing weight of the water.) D’artagnan expected to find one of the Coffers of Kundarak tethering the buoy to the sea bed. What he found instead, however, was a gigantic boulder in its place. After a few moments, however, he thought he saw the strange lights of a city in the distance…

Meanwhile, at the surface, S. Danger (human ranger), Meara Quickblade and the rest of her crew watched as the house Kundarak guardian approached on his magically enhanced rowboat (rather than swimming out.) He was, understandably, angry at the boat that had parked right next to “House Kundarak Property.” Unable to convince anyone to come down to his little rowboat to talk about it, he quickly climbed the side of Meara’s boat and angrily threw S. Danger, human ranger, over the side. When S. Danger, human ranger, looked up next, the Kundarak representative was leaping down towards him, morphing into an Ixitxichitl on the way down. It bit S. Danger, the ranger who is notably human, and revealed itself to have some measure of command over negative energy. Angry at the deception and at the attack, S. Danger cleft the Devil Ray in twain with a single mighty blow.

The party rejoined quickly and came to the conclusion that the Ixitxichitl must have located the treasure chest and decided to take it for themselves. Meara’s first mate cast a water-breathing spell to allow all of them to survive the ocean depths, and they swam down and found a massive city of coral and glass, filled with the Devil Rays and containing walkways and air tubes for their humanoid slaves. Entering the city of Ixichitoporox was fairly simple. Navigating a bit (and finding two Anguillian guards who were easily dispatched), they eventually found a gate that was protected by a barrier of negative energy that Meara’s first mate identified as a “Blackgate.” D’artagnan was able to translate the runes on the gate enough to sound out the words (even though the meanings were lost.) S. Danger, human ranger, then spoke the words and found himself unable to stop speaking them. More and more phrases in some alien tongue came unwilling from his voice, but eventually they stopped and the field of shadowy energy dissipated and allowed them to enter.

The heroes found themselves in a monstrous temple dedicated to the Demon Lord known as Dagon, a monstrous, primordial entity from before the Blood War. A Vampiric Ixitxichitl began a ceremony when he discovered the adventurers there, and the massive statue to Dagon began singing a song not unlike whale-song, but very clearly malevolent and with a keen intelligence backing it up. All of the humanoid slaves in the immediate area began walking into the water towards the statue of Dagon, heedless of the drowning danger. Meara, her first mate, and S. Danger (human ranger) all began walking towards the statue of Dagon as well, but physical violence on the part of D’artagnan, sustained for a minute, kept the other three adventurers from walking under the water. At the end of the song, the trance ended for the adventurers, though the slaves stayed where they were (many drowning). One slave had walked up a ramp leading out of the water, reaching the top of a rocky outcropping. The statue seemed to come to life, and its head snapped forward, devouring the entranced slave in a single bite.

After this horrifying scene had passed, the Vampiric Ixitxichitl taunted the adventurers, but was persuaded through some carefully worded diplomatic pleas to let them use the Coffer of Kundarak that they had stolen. This was agreed upon providing that the heroes agree to give the knowledge of the contents of the final chest to Dagon, since Dagon is the master of the secrets beneath the waves, and Kundarak had unknowingly kept a secret from him by hiding the chest on the ocean floor (which was why the Kundarak representative at the island had to be killed and replaced by a shape-shifting cleric to Dagon.)

The adventurers all agreed. Since the coffer would not work for her or her first mate (since they hadn’t gone through the first one), Meara decided to steal the chest from the Ixitxichitl (reasoning that their promise had been made to Dagon, not his minions.) D’artagnan carefully spent his time picking the lock on the coffer in preparation for the battle to come. A quick scuffle with the Vampiric Ixitxichitl that had been running the show and a rapid looting of much of the treasure in Dagon’s hold prompted the quick getaway through the glowing aura within the chest as Meara and her first mate, being left behind, prepared to levitate the second Coffer of Kundarak and fight their way out of the city and back to their ship with it. As for D’artagnan and S. Danger, Human Ranger, their fate would resolve elsewhere…


Nicely done, CraterLabs.

City of the Devil Rays

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